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Toby Neighbors

An outlaw army of wizards and mercenaries…

A kingdom on the brink of disaster…

One Marshyl Knight and his apprentice face an impossible task.

Lords of Ascension is the exciting second novel in the epic fantasy Marshyl Stories series.  Dex is a teenager on assignment with Outrider Reegan, Marshyl Knight.  It is his first foray into the realm as an official member of the exclusive guild of wizard warriors known as Marshyls.  They have the power to protect people from renegade wizardry, but is Dex ready to face Wand Casters, Ring Mages, and powerful Sorcerers?  Sent on a simple assignment to spend his summer with the veteran Marshyl Knight on a mission to discover the truth about a mysterious gang of outlaws known as the Lords of Ascension, Dex is thrust into the heart of the conflict between magic users.  His summer of apprenticeship quickly becomes a test of everything Dex has learned and his commitment to the guild he has pledged his future to.  Filled with heart-pounding action, characters you’ll fall in love with, and a wizarding world like no other, you’ll love Lords of Ascension.

The Marshyl Stories - YOung Adult Epic Fantasy

A mysterious stranger with great magical power is murdering Marshyl Knights across the realm.  He is secretive, dangerous, and intent on destroying everything the Marshyl Guild stands for.  Some say he is a ghost, a vengeful spirit of those struck down by the Knights who stand between the outlaw wizards and the innocent.  But no Marshyl who has seen this elusive executioner has lived to tell the tale and only one thing is certain… he must be stopped, no matter the cost.

A devastating attack,

An impossible quest,

And an unbelievable truth that will change everything.

In a world where wizards are outlaws and most people are powerless to stop them, only the vaunted Marshyl Knights can enforce justice and keep the peace. Part wizard, part warrior, the Marshyl Knights are an elite group of fighters spread across the entire realm in an effort to balance the ever-shifting tides of power that if left unchecked could cost the lives of thousands. Facing a Marshyl means almost certain defeat, but joining the Marshyls is even harder.

Dex and Kyp are on their own, struggling to find a way to survive with no parents, no prospects, and a very bleak future. When a chance to change their lives and possibly join the Marshyl Knights comes their way, they will risk everything to enter the ranks of the most powerful wizarding warriors in the realm. But the power behind the Marshyl Knights is a carefully guarded secret, one that many people would kill to obtain. Their road forward is filled with treachery, greed, and danger, forcing the boys to make life and death decisions as they navigate the path set before them.