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We Are The Wolf

Off World Force Recon, the first in the fight, the tip of the spear.

With human colonies on 45 worlds and space stations in over a hundred different systems, serving with the elite Force Recon branch of the Extra Solar Defense Force is the most prestigious career anyone could hope for. Warfare is almost exclusively the domain of remotely operated drones, but when things go wrong, in space or on a colony world, the Off World Recon gets the call and they always come prepared.

Dean is a young man with plenty of prospects ahead of him, but when he gets selected for the most coveted job in the world, he jumps at the chance. Little does he know the rigors of training to become an elite Force Recon specialist or the dangers waiting for him in off-world tours of duty that sometimes last for years on end, but it’s always been his dream to charge into the unknown with a band of brothers, facing any threat to humanity’s expansion across the galaxy and etching his name into the annals of history. The only question is does he have what it takes to stand between the threats of the galaxy and the rest of the human race?

Welcome To the Wolfpack

Everything has changed…

A new threat has emerged…

The fate of mankind hangs in the balance…

Dean Blaze is now a Captain in the infamous Off World Force Recon division of EsDef. His heroics on the Valkyrie have made him a celebrity, but all he wants is another platoon and a fresh assignment doing what he does best. The publicity tour is over, and it’s up to Dean to build another platoon of hungry Specialists ready to charge into the most dangerous conflicts across the galaxy. Welcome to the Wolfpack, first in the fight, the tip of the spear!

Wolfpack Novels

The Wolfpack novels are a groundbreaking military space opera series. The action is intense, the pace is furious, and the story is guaranteed to keep you turning pages. Author Toby Neighbors has crafted a unique world and a truly original concept of a futuristic military. With space colonization, and the threat of alien invasion lingering over the human race, the tension will grab you by the throat from the very first page. Welcome To The Wolfpack weaves pulse pounding action together with characters you’ll fall in love with, so that you’ll want to read these books again and again.