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Jack & Roxie

The Marshyl Stories

   Roxie is stuck.  After being kicked around the foster system, she eventually runs away and lands in a series of abusive relationships.  She is an adult with no education, no financial means to escape the abuse, not even a driver’s license or social security card.
   When Jack and Roxie cross paths due to a series of unforeseen and violent circumstances, everything changes for these two lost souls.  But their sudden good fortunate comes at a price, and the bill is coming due.  As Jack and Roxie race to stay ahead of two desperate criminals, they begin a journey that will take them from the depths of despair to a promising future neither could have imagined.  But can they find a way to hold onto the good thing they have found, or will they be left powerless to face the consequences of their actions?

Welcome To The Wolfpack

Wolfpack book 2

Toby Neighbors is a full time novelist with over a quarter million books sold.  His books in The Five Kingdoms series, The Avondale Series, and the Lorik Trilogy have each been in the top 20 of Amazon’s top 100 epic fantasy novels and he is a three time Kindle Select All Star.  With over 300,000 books sold, and an average of over a million pages read each month on Kindle Unlimited, he ranks consistently in the top ten percent of working writers worldwide.  Toby is happily married to his soul mate, cover designer, workout partner, success coach, and muse.  He has her name tattooed on his arm and imprinted on his heart. Together they have four children and reside in the scenic mountains of north Idaho.

Can a remarkable life begin with murder?
   Jack is drowning in a sea of disappointment.  His wife has left him for another man, he’s deeply in debt, and his job is going nowhere.  With no prospects and nothing to live for, his outlook is bleak.

The Wolfpack Novels

The Elusive Executioner

Marshyl Stories Book 3

We Are The Wolf

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