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My Lady Sorceress

Feray had the perfect life… but it all changed in an instant.
Sometimes the simplest actions are the first steps into a much larger world.


When the place you call home is under siege, taking matters into your own hands isn’t just the honorable thing to do, it’s the only thing to do.  The Summit Soldiers Motorcycle Club is about to be baptized in blood.

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   Toby is represented by Shawn West of the Wayne Agency in Los Angeles, California.  For all bookings, press, and publishing inquiries please contact Mr. West via or by phone: 310-894-0802

   Toby Neighbors is a prolific novelist, having written over thirty books in the last six years.  He is a three time Kindle Select All Star and his books regularly appear in Amazon’s top 100 genre lists. Toby is happily married to his soul mate, cover designer, workout partner, success coach, and muse.  He has her name tattooed on his arm and imprinted on his heart. Together they have four children and reside in the scenic mountains of north Idaho.

New Releases

ARC Angel

Time is running out and so are humanity's options for survival!

ARC - Assisted Rapid Combat is a breakthrough in military technology, making the extraordinary possible, and forging the ultimate weapon against the Swarm.  But it will take the right kind of soldier to become a weapon and prove that the ARC suit can make a difference in the war for Earth’s colonies. 

The Man With No Hands

My Lady Series - Book Two

Magic, danger, rogue elves, and mythical creatures…
Orin is the son of the Raven King, High Lord of Floralon, the Kingdom on the Coast. But he is not a prince, or even an heir. He is an outcast, cursed by the gods, the Man With No Hands.

Regulators Revealed

Marshyl Stories Book IV

His name was Maslow, but he was known by other names. His master and spiritual mentor called him the Hammer, and prophesied that he would smash the Marshyl’s Guild to pieces, opening the way for magic to return to the Dragon Isle. His enemies called him the Elusive Executioner, because of his deadly prowess and ability to disappear so completely that they were helpless to find him. But there was only one name on his mind as he fled through the mountains, the one a young Marshyl knew him by  — Dad.