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Into Chaos publication date:

Christmas Eve, 2015

The Five Kingdoms Book 2                                       The Avondale Series Book 2                                         The Lorik Trilogy Book 1

The Five Kingdoms Book 3                                        The Avondale Series Book 3                                        The Lorik Trilogy Book 2

Coming Soon

Chaos Reigning - The Five Kingdoms Book 10

coming April, 2016

Writing For A Living - A Look Inside Modern Publishing From A Full Time Novelist

coming March, 2016

Draggah - Audio Book on

Coming March, 2016

Zompocalypse - Audio Book on

Coming March, 2016

Books By Toby Neighbors

The Five Kingdoms Book 7                                         The Five Kingdoms Book 8                                         The Five Kingdoms Book 9

The Five Kingdoms Book 1                                     The Avondale Series Book 1                                       Zompacolpse parts 1-5

Toby Neighbors is an epic fantasy novelist with over a quarter million books sold.  His books in The Five Kingdoms series, The Avondale Series, and the Lorik Trilogy have each been in the top 20 of Amazon’s top 100 epic fantasy novels and he is a three time Kindle Select All Star.

The Five Kingdoms Book 5                                        The Avondale Series Book 5                                     The Five Kingdoms Book 6

The Five Kingdoms Book 4                                       The Avondale Series Book 4                                             The Lorik Trilogy Book 3